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Environnemental, Social and Governance Strategy

Corporate Social Responsibility is a major challenge for our company who is committed in a quality approach. We are trying more and more every day to link our activities and the environment in which we evolve.    
Our Group and each of our brands work daily in managing our impacts on ecosystems. We are convinced that by pursuing our actions, we will participate in making a better world for tomorrow.

Taking action for a sustainable future


As a digital player, we are comitted to behave in the most ethical way possible and to obey international rules. It allows us to tend towards a more responsable and mindful way of doing with low emissions as agreed with the stakes of tomorrow.  

Thus, we evaluate our carbon footprint and implemente different measures : Responsable Relationship Suppliers’ Charte, challenges in the compagny, civic actions, dematerialisation, raising awareness of eco-gestures for our employees, promoting ecofriendly way of transportation, signature of the Planet Tech’ Care Manifesto, etc…

To allow the growth and fulfilment of our employees  


In a world of constant change, human wealth is an essential ressource for the sucess of your activity.
In our Group, we  stand by the idea that  the company is responsible for the enrichment of its employees, and it is its job to preserve it and to make it grow.

TRSb Groupe attaches importance to its social responsability as an employer. It is the structure of our Human Ressources strategy :

  1. Talent management (Through training and profesionnal development)
  2. Communication and social dialogue
  3. Work conditions
  4. Diversity and equal opportunities.

Understand client’s needs whilst respecting the ecosystems



The implementation of an ESG strategy is often a moment for a company to take a step back and to define the opportunities and threats linked to its services and the transformation of the market. It is the perfect time to analyse the stakes in relation to the expectations of every stakeholders in order to build a stronger and more profitable relationship with ourclients.

Our 3 pilars for charity actions

Environment Protection

Nowadays, protecting the environment is an absolute necessity.

As a Groupe working in the service and digital field, we produce fewer visible waste than most of companies. However, digital and IT services are wasteful. Thereby, TRSb Groupe has decided to comit for environment protection and specifically in the promotion of a more responsable digital technology.

Fighting Discrimination

Fighting discrimination is very dear to our Group. Indeed, as an employer, we have a duty of inclusion and equal treatment. Discrimination can have many forms and we have the power to act in concrete terms like the discrimination against POC.

For all these reasons, TRSb Group is fighting discriminations every day and is among the signatories of the Diversity Charter since 2019.

Education accesibility

As a company, education accessibily is a very important subject. We are constantly looking for new talents. It is therefore essential to guide the potential futur candidates in their journey with awareness campaign, mentoring, training…, etc

Philippe Guinchard

Wellness Head of TRSb Group


In a world of constant change, innovation and reglementation and in order to answer the new environmental issues and societal disparities, we expect from a company that it does not only financially performs but also we want it to be comitted and adapted for our society. We need it to be more ethical. TRSb Group has defined a virtuous strategy, in partnership with its clients and employees. We also created with the years going many constructive action plans in order to limit our environmental impact. Of course, there is still a lot to be done but I am proud of our commitment and I am convinced to pursuing these actions will bring us closer to a better world for tomorrow.

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