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May 1997

Creation of the Group by Philippe Guinchard.



Creation of TRSb Rhône-Alpes et opening of an office in Lyon.


June 2007

Creation of TRSb Sud and  Montpellier et opening of offices in Aix-En-Provence and Montpellier.


July 2007

Creation of l’Agence PROvidence



Acquisition of Wyniwyg, which quickly becomes Digiwin with offices in Nantes and Rouen.



Development of proximity agencies in Toulouse and Strasbourg.


May 2018

Creation of TRSb Nord and opening of an office in Lille.



Creation of Vahumana.


September 2019

Lanch of our growth plan, “Make Sense” .


April 2019

Creation of TRSb Portugal.


December 2020

Acquisition of  Amazing.Dev.


January 2022

Creation of TRSb Applicatif.

Our purpose



One mission : digital transformation  ! 


TRSb Group is the multispecialist partner for the digital transformation of its clients. 


Taking strenght in 5 complementary brands,11 agencies in France and 1 international, we advice and accompany our clients with  a 360° approach. Our goal is to answer their new business, technolocigal and marketing needs.  



We all proudly share a strong corporate culture and ethical values that are dear to us in order to answer the need of stakeholders, wether internal or external.


Proximity :

Our human scale company allows us to create a real connection and proximity with our clients and employees. After 20 years, we know for a fact that it brings a real value to the project we tackle. 




Meeting the commitments agreed upon with our client is of course a number one priority. Service quality and achieving results are for our Group really important. As a committed company, we also make sure that our employees are happy and that they can develop new skills during their experience with us. Moreover, aware of our responsibility as a large company, we are invested in a CSR process.

Philippe Guinchard

President and founder of Groupe TRSb




« Groupe TRSb is a multispecialist company. Our offer has grown throughout the years in order to be the best partner for our clients in their business transformation. Leaning on a managed services and administration of infrastructures expertise (TRSb), the Group has gradually added to its solutions :   

  • – development of websites and collaborative solutions (Digiwin)
  • – digital marketing (Vahumana)
  • – temporary employment and recruitment (Agence PROvidence)
  • – intermediation for freelancers (Amazing.dev)
  • – high profile hunting (Talantide)


Our values of proximity and engagment make us great partners in every projects that customers trust us with. We always answer with the best solutions possible to please our clients and that are motivating and fulfiling for our teams.


Groupe TRSb is a reasonnable and sustainable audacity.

Located all over France with 11 agencies, we have recenlty opened our activities abroad.  The adventure with Groupe TRSb is a beautiful project you can participate in ! »

Since 2013, Groupe TRSb is ISO 9001 certified. Our aim is to make continuous improvment in our processes and worktools in order to better answer the needs of our clients.

Since 2017, Groupe TRSb is certified ISO 27001. This norm certifies our security strategy, which is at the center of our practices. It shows the reactivity and adaptability of the Group and its capacity to propose new anwsers.

OHVcloud is a world leader in cloud computing. It offers products and services that help companies to better manage, secure and control the increase of data. This partnership reinforce our offer and allows us to offer you our best expertise, alway 100% Made In France !

The Group is committed for the environment and since 2020, signatory of the Planet Tech’ Care Manifesto. Our goal is to encourage and to participated in Green IT workshops in order to discuss  greener digital options.